If you want to experience Real Financial Freedom the answer to your dream is right here. Shemalife has given thousands of Filipinos Realization to their dream of Financial Freedom through the Monthly Harvest that they are receiving and Housing Grant given to every member.

Who is the Grantor?
Grant is given to qualified member through Shemalife United Development International Foundation (SUHFI)
 The people leading this company are Christian Stewards and mission-oriented individuals who have been processed and mind-settled that the company and its undertakings are only entrusted to them by God - the Owner and Supreme Author of all its business operational systems and are meant to be shared with everyone without discrimination nor reservation in accordance with its vision and mission.
The Grant is to be distributed to 9M Filipinos until 2016.
SUDIF is Duly Registered with SEC REG. NO.CN200805862

SUBICC/SUHFI Head Office in Montreal St. Cubao, Q.C

Who is SUBICC?
SHEMA ULTIMATE BUSINESS INNOVATIVE CONCEPT CORPORATION (SUBICC) is a 100% Filipino-owned company, patronizing home grown crops as major ingredients of its various lines of products, thereby helping many Filipinos sustain jobs and livelihood.

    SUBICC was initially conceptualized in 1998 and for the past years has evolved into a promising company as a result of combined ideas and experiences gained from association with various corporate and networking businesses.

    Its primary purpose is to serve as a channel for financial rewards through distribution of best quality products with an innovative business concept considered to be the best in the network marketing industry.

SUBICC is Duly registered with SEC with SEC REG.NO. CS200813297 and with complete government documentation and licenses to operate.

Checklist of Qualification to be a Beneficiary:

- An applicant has to be of legal age 18 years old above
- Should be Filipino Citizen, even OFW or those living abroad is welcome. Or Foreigner with Filipino Residency living here in Philippines is also accepted
- Must participate in our 15mos.Patronage Program through SUBICC corp. ( 1 year change brand + 3mos maintenance ) either 1 time payment lump sum payment or 15mos. AUTOSHIP program
* for those availing the 1time payment its FREE DELIVERY!
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- Member must be willing to attend the SUHFI Orientation and attend the 9Module Training for Harvesters to be able to recieve the benefits.

What Should You Do to Qualify??
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What are the BENEFITS that a QUALIFIED members would receive?

- Members who completed the 12mos. patronage program would recieve P12K Loyalty Bonus on the 14th mo.

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- On the 15th month A Bank account would be open in the members name through BDO. This is where a member would recieve his/her monthly harvest.
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- Starting on the 16th mo. a member would receive monthly Harvest to be credited every month in his/her BDO account. Harvest is for period of 7 years
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- Monthly Product Voucher is allocated to a qualified member amounting to P5040 ( Four vouchers valued at P1260 each voucher ) for a period of 12mos. The intention for this is for the member to help out their families and friends be a member of Shemalife too.
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- Auto Save/Millionaires Plan is also debited from the members benefit in the amount of P7K for 12mos. This will go to his/her housing benefit. A member is eligible to avail of the housing grant worth 1.8M on the 3rd year.
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